Professional Business Consultants with You in Mind

We are a group of passionate small business consultants dedicated to helping owners maximize their company's potential.

Business Consultants

We are a group of passionate small business consultants dedicated to helping owners maximize their company's potential.

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Business Planning and Forecasting

Whether you're starting out or have been in your market for a few years, we can help you plan out your business strategy and build forecasting tools.

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Inventory Management Solutions

Are you managing an inventory heavy business? We will help you understand and forecast your inventory needs to help you manage lead times, reduce inventory turns and free capital for other important investments.

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Market Research

If you are entering a new market, starting a new business or just looking to expand to new locations, we can help you understand what your market looks like. We provide detailed analysis including potential customer and competitor analysis as well as market size and profitability projections. Ask us how we can customize a report for your needs.

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Business Valuation

Whether you're looking to raise capital, sell your business or part of your business, or purchase an existing business; we can evaluate your business so you know that you are getting value for your shares.

Recent Projects

These are just some of the solutions we can find for you.

Operations and Quickbooks Interagtion

Saved our client time and money by developing systems to capture workforce data and creating invoices in the field. We also linked their bank and credit card accounts into Quickbooks capturing their expenses more efficiently and allowing them to pass on specific project costs onto their clients more accurately.

Inventory Management Solution

Developed tools needed to forecast and manage inventory needs and levels for a client that has a 60 - 90 day lead time for product from China. The Garrick Consulting Group worked with our client to create better forecasting models and develop an understanding of how to manage their inventory. This had led to a significant reduction in the need to air freight product in order to cover customer demand.

Market Analysis

Worked with a dry cleaning company in the Columbia area interested in opening new locations. Mapped current locations with competitors and possible available real estate. Overlaid these locations onto a map including census demographic data and traffic patterns to show potential profitability of specific locations.

Business Planning

Garrick Consulting Group has worked with several business owners for both initial market entry planning as well as sales and cash flow forecasting for clients with established businesses. For clients looking to enter a new market, we have provided market analysis services along with sales forecasts and cash flow projections to help our clients determine what level of investment is needed and where to expect a break-even point on their investment. For clients with established businesses, we have helped them plan growth strategies and have a more complete understanding of where their time, energy and capital have the greatest impact on their bottom line.



Garrick Consulting Group has been a tremendous asset to Doctor's Choice DME. Their knowledge of supply chain management and spreadsheet programs to help find the useful solutions to my business has brought us tremendous savings and allowed us to manage our growth more efficiently. GCG has a fundamental understanding of how small businesses operate and has expert knowledge and solutions that they apply that are truly applicable to day to day operations.

Doctor's Choice DME (Tom Morelli, President)

Garrick Consulting Group helped us change how we manage our inventory and scheduling system. I am now able to create invoices and manage my schedule as well as the schedule of my workforce from a tablet while I am at a customer's site. This has helped me save both time and money.

B Z Cleaning (Cristina, Owner)